CoMotion is a student-led motion graphics conference that brings together top industry professionals with Motion Media Design students at the Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2020, I worked as a member of the branding team to design style frames for the title sequence.
Creative Direction: José Peña
Art Direction: Kim Lin
Producer: Marly Koven
Lead Designer: Yuying He
Lead Animator & Editor: Kagan Marks
Lead Graphic Designer: Anna Yang
Designers: Yuying He, Ghia Villasin, Kexin Yang, Akshay Tiwari, Hui Yu Yang, Kim Lin
Animators: Kagan Marks, Freya Yeh, Molly Hoskins, Tyler Rispoli, Symphony Allison, Susie Scheer, Yuying He, José Peña
Style Frames
(designed in Photoshop)
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